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pirate board games

Autumn Grove Manor

A cooperative boardgame for 2-6 players. A team of ghost hunters must rid a manor of ghosts, find gems and destroy a demon.

A Complete History of the Grove

A compendium of stories, all of which are. first hand accounts from people who have visited the grove.

Red Kite

A legacy game following the unfortunate crew of the Red Kite.

Exciting Games

Our Thematic World.

All of the games from Phantom Samurai Games all feature in the same thematic world, references for other games can be found across multiple games. The games also intersect with the Talbot Bloodline.

Print ‘n’ Play

We’re also designing print ‘n’ play games.

Some games we create are perfect for printing at home, smaller games, involving no more than the printed documents and a couple of items that you’ll find at home.